• Adds a sparkle to your party 

  • All our high quality face paints are professional, FDA approved and hypoallergenic, safe for even very sensitive skin. 

  • Our extensive references from corporations and parents all over the city speak for themselves

  • For larger or corporate events please ask for a quote. 

  • We are fully insured and all our artists are required to complete police checks


  • We help to choose a design - around 70% of women choose nature-based ideas such as flowers and leaves, a small percentage go for something "really bizarre"

  • We have a Professional Photographer to capture this moment

  • You being pampered and focused on in the late stages of pregnancy

  • Do it at your third trimester

  • All our high quality face paints are professional, FDA approved and hypoallergenic, safe for even very sensitive skin. 


The tattoo is temporary and will last 3 to 7 days, but can be removed easily if required. Parents comment on how their children are showing off tattoos for a week - and often more! Book our tattoo artist for your special events such as:

  • Birthday parties

  • BBQs

  • Fund raisers

  • Company functions

  • Canada Day

  • Any event

  • Any holiday

  • Any personal expression you may have



  • We help to choose a design

  • We have a Professional Photographer to capture this moment

  • All our high quality face paints are professional, FDA approved and hypoallergenic, safe for even very sensitive skin. We follow strict health care guidelines.


Bridal Package:

  • Makeup (Waterproof primer & foundation, False lashes, Highlight & Contour) 

  • Skin care 

Bridal Party Members | Guests or Attendants | Mothers: 

  • Makeup ( Waterproof Foundation, Highlight & Contour)

Additional Services: 
Real Hair False Lashes
Tattoo covering or Detailing
If needed we can recommend a hair stylist for your big party




You will be amazed to find how great is our Santa, his costume, made of the plushest of pile, could even fool the elves at the North Pole! When he enters the room all eyes would be on him!!! 
Our Santa never smoked, has the most updated criminal record check, providing service for corporate and private parties already 8 years and he can make even the grumpy and shy ones laugh with him.
In addition to taking photos with the kids, and giving away presents, Santa enjoys to read a book for the kids and give away candies for the special touch and joy! He brings his own music to make his appearance really magical and special for the kids! 

Optional: We can add to your package Magician, Hand made Glitter tattoos, Animal balloons or professional Face Painters dressed up us Elves for your party. 


​One fairytale character of your choice will come to your party, greet your guests, and then tell them an interactive story in her own words all about their life, the adventures they have had, and maybe even how they found love! 
You have the option of either playing some fun and inclusive party games with your princess, or have your princess will help the birthday girl open her gifts and read her cards!
The Princess will then crown the birthday girl a princess in a special crowning ceremony. This is a great moment for photo opportunities of your little princess with her favorite character!
There will then be time to sing happy birthday, and do the cake ceremony, and your princess will make a magical, memorable exit, leaving all of your guests with wonderful memories that will have them talking for years! 


Her bread and butter is bringing you the best possible clown for a party!
Lavut Celebrations has been working in KW Area for over a decade! We are best clown company in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and have served over 5,000 kids in parks, schools, restaurants, business and the birthday boy or girls’ own backyard.
We know you will like our extremely competitive prices! For over a decade Lavut Celebration's company of trained and talented professionals have been booked through many of KW's most respected party planners because of our youth, energy, enthusiasm, and reliability.


Get the best for less, book us directly!


Nothing says fun like balloons. Scientists might not understand it, but kids love balloons. We can make any event a hit!
We do tons of private parties for all occasions! Let us help make your event a truly special day with some totally amazing ridiculously cool balloons! We will have a blast!
Did you know? The balloons are made from 100% natural latex — not plastic. Our latex balloons are biodegradable, and decompose as fast as an oak leaf in your backyard!​



We supply the ‘Real’ Easter Bunny to make your next children’s party or Easter event complete with a beautiful, fluffy white coat, long furry bunny ears, a cute bunny tail and a delightful little pink nose.
We provide high quality authentic looking Easter bunnies and Mascot Characters that are perfect for meeting and greeting children, photo opportunities, handing out Easter Eggs, visiting shopping centers, festivals, surprising little ones at preschools and schools or embarking on a magical Easter Egg hunt.
Our performers have up to date police check and insurance, they professional and truly enjoy to be around kids. 


We guarantee you a wow factor and kids smiles everywhere.


We provide Spa Parties that are interactive and all about fun! 
The friendly and professional party host will arrive before the party with girly music, magazines, candles, feather boas and more to set the scene of a glamorous leopard cheetah day spa scene which the girls are guaranteed to love. 
Our Parties are popular for girls birthday parties for all ages, girls night ins and sleepovers. 
On the arrival, guests are fitted in stylish leopard spa robes and served with ‘organic pomegranate kids bubbly’ 
At our pamper parties, the guests are treated to hand scrubs and chocolate facials with cucumber eyes. 
Next comes Mini-Makeovers with Makeup, polished fingernails, perfumes and lotions to try. 

This Fabulous Party includes: 

  • Friendly and professional party host or two, depend on size of your party 

  • Amazing atmosphere with candles and all the spa setting 

  • Stylish spa leopard cheetah robes and fluffy feather boas to wear while relaxing at the party 

  • Sparkling ‘Organic Pomegranate Bubbly’ 

  • Polished finger nails with designs 

  • Sugary hand-scrubs 

  • Creamy chocolate facials with cucumber eyes 

  • Make-up application that will leave girls feeling absolutely gorgeous 

  • Lotions & perfumes to try on 

  • Spa music and magazines 

  • Relaxing head massage 

  • Fun photos throughout the party which are sent by email after the party! 

  • Optional -Very fancy goodie boxes for guests includes nail-polish, hair accessory, nail file, creams, soaps, shampoo, bath sponges, bath pearls and more... ( different variety) 

Please contact with date, time, number and age of kids and the location to receive your price.